Photo Statuettes

Starting at just $23.95

Simply upload your favorite photo.  We’ll create a top-quality photo statuette you’ll be proud to display or gift to that special someone!

Sizes 4×6 to 20×30 Inches
Thick and Sturdy Acrylic
Individually Laser Cut by Real Artists

Photo Statuettes Unsurpassed Quality

Made From Your Photos, Logos, and Graphics since 1993!

More Great Ideas for Photo Statuettes

Photo Statuettes are a great alternative to framing for all your special memories! Great Gift Idea Too!

photo statue of basketball player

Action Sports

photo statues for youth sports photos

Youth Sports

picture statuette of kids on vacation

Vacation/Family Photos

photo statuettes make great fishing trophies

Fishing Trophies

Wedding couple photo statuette

Weddings and Events

hunting photo statue of buck

Hunting and Fishing

Halloween costume statuette

Kids Photos Make Great Gifts

action sports photo statuette

Your Favorite Sports Star

photo display logo image cutout

Commemorative or Corporate Events

Dance school laser statuette made from picture

Dance Schools

dance school photo statuettes of jumping dancers

Dance Competition

nameplate photo statues

Desk and Wall Nameplates

Photo Statuettes are available from 4″x6″ up to 20″x30″

Automatic 15% Discount for Orders of 10 Items or More

Proud Recipients of Photo Statuettes

High School Cheerleading Team proudly showing off their Photo Cutouts

Sports and Teams

Here’s a High School Cheerleading Team
proudly showing off their Photo Statuettes

barbershop photo statuettes held by honored guest

Awards and Recognition

Here two members of The Barbershop Quartet Society accepting Photo Statuette Trophy awards for their 50th Anniversary

Here’s how we create your Photo Statuette:

We take treat care to make your Photo Statuettes great! First we’ll crop and resize your image to be as large as possible.  Then we’ll enhance the image to be vivid and vibrant.  We print your photo on high-quality photo paper, protect it with a beautiful HIGH GLOSS laminate, and mount it to STURDY ACRYLIC.  All because we believe your photo statuettes should be top quality.

Next, your photo lands at our programming stations where one of our experienced artists programs a unique laser-cutting pattern unique to your image.  Want that “estranged brother-in-law out of the “photo bomber” removed from your statuette? Just let us know.   If you don’t mention any special instructions don’t worry, 98% of the Photo Statuettes (also called Photo Cutouts) we make are pretty clear to us and we’ll do our best to include the important elements and make them look GREAT.

Finally, your photo makes its way to our laser where our operator cuts your image, mounts to a black beveled base of the correct size, and conducts one final inspection before packing your photo statue for shipment to you or your loved ones.

Photo Statues of Unsurpassed Quality:

Fotoforms Photo Statuettes are a dynamic way to display your photos permanently!  These things last for years and years.

Hands-on Artistic care:

  • Fotoforms employs real artists to program the laser for each Photo Statuette:
  • Experienced artists give Fotoforms a real advantage in determining how your Photo Statuette/Cutout is cut to look as beautiful as possible.
  • Real artists on staff allow us to offer professional graphic design services.

Laser Quality Advantage:

Fotoforms Photo Statuettes are laser-cut, which has several significant advantages:

  • First, the laser automatically polishes and seals the edges of our products for years of beauty and durability
  • The laser allows us to easily cut even the smallest interior spaces that a saw can’t reach, giving you unsurpassed detail
  • The laser lets us use less distracting, CLEAR acrylic backing instead of colors resulting in an edge that doesn’t distract
  • The laser allows us to offer significant quantity discounts because the cut path is easily repeated when producing multiples of the same item

Do You Need Lots of the Same Photo Statue?

Great for corporate customers, our process allows us to make large numbers of identical Photo Statues with excellent efficiency and dramatic cost savings. Fotoforms Photo Statuettes are dynamic and command attention, ideal for point-of-purchase displays and awards. Please request a custom quote if you need many of the same Statue so we can give you the best price.

*Automatic 15% discount applied on orders of 10 Fotoforms or more.

Mass produced photo statue awards

Removing the background is a proven way to enhance the subject of any photo, thus making it much more dynamic.
Virtually every product photo you see on websites has the background removed so you focus on the subject.
That’s what Fotoforms Photo Statuettes does for your photos. Click here to read more about the advantages of background removal.

Also called Photo Statues, Photo Statuettes, Picture Cutouts, Photo Trophies, or Photo Sculptures. We call them “Fotoforms.” We’ve been making Fotoforms since 1993 when we were called Fun Shots. A couple of our employees were here in the beginning when those first orders came in, when we all gathered around discussing how to transform the photos into the most beautiful Photo Statuette imaginable. We still take that care today, so you will be delighted with your Photo Statuettes and continue as our customer for years to come. Remember, Fotoforms make great, unique photo gifts for your loved ones too! Don’t forget to check out our other great products made from YOUR PHOTOS! Including cutouts, Popouts, Ornaments, Magnets, Keychains, and Puzzles. Thank you for visiting.  

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