Custom Event Puzzles

Custom Event Puzzles – Great Fun for your NEXT Meeting, Event, Celebration, or Fundraiser!

Interactive Museum Exhibits

Custom Puzzles Featuring:

Full Color Printing
Protective Laminate Coating
Sturdy 1/8″ Acrylic Construction
Laser Cut
Many Custom Options (see below)

Made From Your Photos, Logos, and Graphics since 1993!

Custom Magnetic trade show jigsaw puzzle


Custom Corporate Event Puzzles

You Choose:

  • Size (No Limit….really)
  • Number of pieces
  • Your Image or Logo

Make your Custom Puzzle huge, select the number of pieces, make it writable, rugged (museum grade), Custom-shaped puzzles, make it magnetic, Make it endless!  Not Sure? Call us 800-892-9792

View of the back of acrylic puzzle piece showing sturdy construction.  Acrylic Custom Puzzle
Giant event floor puzzle we made for the "Big Game".  Custom Puzzle

Custom Puzzle Options:

Giant Corporate Event puzzles – Team Building Jigsaw Puzzles

Make your Custom Puzzle HUGE:

Fotoforms makes Giant Custom Puzzles of UNLIMITED SIZE for maximum impact. Your team or group will have fun building these high quality, beautiful puzzles.

Giant Corporate Event Puzzles are big fun.

Our owner with one of our early Custom puzzles
Our owner (and the “Guy” who answers your calls and emails)

Magnetic Custom Puzzles:

Our most popular option; Magnetic Custom Puzzles allow you to display on a dry erase whiteboard (most are magnetic), or other magnetic surface. Imagine your giant event puzzle magnetically assembled in front of your team. Did you know you can buy magnetic paint in any color at most paint stores?

magnetic group participation puzzle on dry erase whiteboard

Give your Puzzle a UNIQUE SHAPE:

Your Large Custom Jigsaw Puzzle doesn’t need to be rectangular!
We can make your Giant Custom Puzzle in the shape you choose.

Custom shaped Jigsaw puzzles

Land Graphics on Each Piece:

Say you want each piece of your Huge Teambuilding Jigsaw puzzle to have its’ own message, data, or photo.


Custom Teambuilding Puzzle with each piece having text on it's surface

Choose Identically Shaped Pieces:

We can make your Custom Corporate Puzzle with identically shaped, interlocking pieces so that they fit anywhere! This gives you great flexibility to add/remove pieces. A great option for “Writable Custom Puzzles” for brainstorming.

Custom Employee puzzle with pictures on each piece

Each identically shaped puzzle piece has an employee photo to show they are all part of the team. The company displays the custom puzzle on an “employee wall”

Museum Puzzle Construction:

For really rugged use, we can sandwich your image between layers of acrylic. This is a common option for interactive museum puzzles that see lots of use. A custom museum puzzle we made for the Miami Museum of Science stood the test of OVER 1 MILLION VISITORS! You’ll find our Custom Puzzles in fine museums around the world!

Edge of sandwich mounted rugged custom puzzle piece.  Commonly used by museums and other high use applications

Close-up view of rugged museum grade custom puzzle construction

Writable Surface Puzzles:

Yes, you can write on our puzzles! Excellent choice for teambuilding/brainstorming puzzles. This option is often combined with COMMONLY SHAPED PIECES . Great choice for Braistorming sessions.

Giant logo puzzle with blank pieces that can be written on using permanent markers or ballpoint pens.  Great for brainstorming!

Mosaic Custom Puzzles:

Giant custom puzzles consisting of several smaller rectangular puzzles so each table/group can work on their own section and see it come together to form the overall image.

Giant bespoke puzzle make is a mosaic of smaller puzzles so each can be assembled by a smaller team and brought together at the end.

This Giant 5×20 foot custom puzzle is made up of several smaller rectangular puzzles

Include Custom Shaped Puzzle Pieces:

Choose the shape of one or more pieces in your custom puzzle. Your special-shaped piece can be in a logo shape, heart, or trumpet, or we can cut around a feature in your image.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle with a special shaped piece

This large custom wedding puzzle features a heart shaped central puzzle piece

Assembly Tray:

For puzzles up to 20 x 30 inches, an assembly tray allows you to display your puzzle on an easel or wall and lets guests watch it assembled. The trays have a magnetic surface and keyhole slots on the back because you’ll want to hang your beautiful puzzle on your wall for display.

This customized puzzle includes magnets on backs of pieces plus magnetically receptive assembly panel.  available up to 20 x 30 inches.
Custom Puzzles

Bring your Team or Group Together with
Custom Photo Puzzles

Just enter the size and number of pieces and see the cost. NOTE: Your puzzle should be cut into pieces that are (ideally) between 2×2 and 9×9 inches. NOT SURE? We’re here to help!

Custom Puzzle Cost Calculator

Have another idea? All the above options were things our customers asked us to accomplish, so if you have an idea or need not addressed above, please ask. We are capable and creative and will give your idea our full consideration.

Yes, you can combine the Customization options above in many cases.

Thanks for looking at Fotoforms Custom Puzzle options! We look forward to working with you.

Multiple custom puzzle options magnetic, integral frame border, and magnetic assembly panel

This 3×4 foot puzzle was made from our customer’s photo.

Features include:

  • 13 custom-shaped pieces
  • Magnetic tray
  • Color-coordinated frame
  • Full-color print
  • Laminated for protection
  • Sturdy 1/8″ acrylic construction
custom puzzle with special shaped pieces

Fotoforms created this customized photo puzzle as part of a creative marriage proposal.

Features include:

  • Collage print made from about 80 photos
  • Large 20×30 size
  • Center, heart-shaped piece
  • 80 standard-shaped pieces surrounding the heart
sandwich mounted custom puzzle used for interactive museum display

We made this Custom Sandwich mounted puzzle for The Lincoln Museum. So rugged that the museum told us it still looks new two years after creating this custom puzzle.

Features include:

  • A standard 11×14, 35-piece pattern
  • This image is mounted between two layers of 1/8” acrylic for extra durability
Unity custom puzzles with custom shaped pieces to create holding hands effect

Created for a wedding ceremony, this puzzle has a wide frame around the central puzzle area. Look closely, and you will see that we cut the hands into separate pieces.

Huge Custom Event Puzzles

Shaped (non-rectangular) Puzzles

Magnetic Custom Puzzles

Sandwich Mounted Puzzles for Rugged use

Writable Customized Event Puzzles

Landed Graphics Custom Puzzles

Identically Shaped Piece Custom Logo Puzzles

Mosaic Puzzles

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